So, my blog. Basically the purpose of this blog is to embrace the things that we can’t always change. To say – ‘You know what, fuck it’. This is probably my most muttered phrase of all time & yes, at least once I day I say it & at 41, I am totally cool with it.

So you can decide if you do want to follow my blog or whether you’d prefer to sling me in the ‘fuck it’ list now, I’ll just highlight a little of what to expect.

*There will be swears (obviously) because –

A) I quite like a good swear.

B) Predominantly I promote my business & so on all of my social media platforms I am not overly comfortable dropping the F bomb.

*I’ll probably have a moan, rant, rave about something most days. However the rules of the ‘fuck it’ list are that once anything is placed in there, you flick the finger at it & move the hell on.

*I will mention my business from time to time, I will use photos from my products. Why? Well, you might like them & then run to my Etsy shop to buy the lot, meaning I can then retire to somewhere warm, rather than being stuck in the bloody UK which just so happens to be freezing most of the time.

*I will never, ever be mean to anyone. This is not that kind of blog. This is just ‘things’. This blog is all about dealing with the things you can or can’t change, about embracing them, excepting them, dealing with them & moving the fuck on from them.


Some times I wake up & I am astounded that I made it to 41. I am even more astounded that I have singlehandedly raised two of the most awesome humans walking the planet.  I run a business, manage a house, deal with overwhelming, neurotic anxiety,  I have more flaws than I can count, but I am as happy as shit. Winging it? You betcha! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tara x



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